shooting star
shooting star

A Slack bot for conferences CFP

Starfleet is a Slack bot that aggregates conferences which cover your favorite topics

What Starfleet can do?

The deck of the ship

Starfleet provides a backend in which you can manager users, tags, talks and conferences. Every member can submit a talk, add a new conference, or improve tags list.

Follow up of talk submission

Each time a talk is added in Starfleet, a Slack notification is sent in the channel of your choice.

Later, if the speaker mark his talk as accepted, another notification will be sent to celebrate the acceptance of the talk! 🎉

Automatic pilot

Every day, Starfleet checks the end dates of the CFP. A notification will be sent for all CFPs closing in 30, 20, 10, 5, and 1 days, as well as those closing the current day.
Starfleet also checks for new conference about your topics, and notify you in Slack.

Slack notifications

Starfleet is already under development. We plan to open the source code soon 😉
If you want to try Starfleet, feel free to contact us!

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